Dryer Vent Repair

Why Dryer Vent Repairs Are Necessary

A damaged dryer vent will present different problems than a blocked vent. In most cases, a dryer vent has a leak allowing hot moisture to escape. These types of damages are easy to repair but can drastically affect how the dryer works. While some dryer vent repairs are easier to fix than others, it is beneficial if you have a professional at your side.

Not all dryer vent repairs are simply leaks. They may also include other problems such as poor choice of materials, lack of support, tears, or crimping. These various problems need proper solutions to get your dryer running smoothly again. Our professionals can help you diagnose the issue and recommend a solution once evaluated.

Dryer Vent Design

In some cases, the type of dryer duct your using is the problem. Some of the most common dryer ducts used are flexible foil tubes. These ducts have hundreds of ridges that can slow the exit of hot moisture. The ridges act as barriers to the air escaping. A smooth duct siding is the best option because it increases the hot air escapes rate. If we believe your dryer vent design or material is to blame, we’ll suggest a replacement.

Avoid Plastic and Vinyl Dryer Ducts

Out of all the materials used for dryer vents, you must avoid plastic and vinyl. These materials are capable of catching fire from the extreme heat the dryer may give off. These types of materials also have rigid edges so that lint can build up more quickly. Once lint builds up and restricts the passing of hot air, a fire is more likely. We recommend you avoid these types of dryer vents to reduce that risk.

Why You Need Dryer Vent Repairs

There are many common problems associated with dryer vents, the most common being clogged with lint and debris. While a dryer vent cleaning will solve that issue, other problems require more complex repairs. Some of these repairs may be associated with the installation process, the age of the duct, the length of the vent, and more. Regardless of the problem, you can expect All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning to supply the necessary repairs for the job.

Signs Dryer Vent Repairs are Needed

It can be challenging to know when dryer vent repairs are necessary, especially since they show similar signs as needing a cleaning. If you have recently received a cleaning or you’re not due for one, repairs are likely in order. Once you know you need dryer vent repairs, our team is able to identify the problem causing the symptoms. Look for the following if you suspect problems with your dryer vent:

  • Higher humidity in the room of the dryer or in the house
  • Lint on the floor or items near the dryer
  • Clothes are not drying after a normal cycle
  • Visible damage to the dryer duct
  • Missing dryer duct

Typical Problems Associated with Dryer Ducts

There are a handful of common problems that may be causing the symptoms you are experiencing above. Some of these issues are easy fixes, while others may require a completely different duct. To know for sure, you should contact All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning.

Our services will assist you in solving one of the following issues:


  • Crushed dryer connection
  • Poor installation
  • Too long of a dryer vent
  • Leaks from damage or poor seals
  • Too many elbows
Can duct tape repair a dryer vent?

We do not recommend repairing a dryer vent leak with duct tape. It may work at first, but the tape will fall off after a few uses of the dryer. Despite the name, duct tape is not capable of working effectively to plug leaks. The adhesive of the tape will dry out from the regular heat of the dryer vent. Eventually, it falls off, and the leak becomes a problem again. Instead of duct tape, use foil tape. It is specifically designed to seal ductwork, including your dryer vent.

Why is a dryer vent being too long a problem?

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) states the maximum length of a dryer duct should not exceed 35 feet from the dryer. If your duct is too long, the hot moisture will stay inside rather than exiting outside. As a result, the air inside condenses after cooling, your clothes won’t dry, and the dryer will heat up.

How much does a dryer vent repair cost?

The cost of a dryer vent repair varies on the type of repair you need. Leaks or damages to the dryer duct require simple, low-cost solutions, while a complete duct replacement will run a higher price tag. We can’t be sure what your dryer vent repair will cost until we are able to inspect the duct to see what is causing the problem.

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