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Chimney Parts

The chimney is a much more complex structure than just allowing smoke to expel from your home. It ensures the protection of the rest of your home from toxic gases and extreme heat. The process uses to push smoke out of your home is not as simple as the smoke rising from the fireplace. Different elements of the chimney assist in this process to make it more efficient and effective.

When one chimney part is damaged, the rest of the chimney is unable to do its job. All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning knows the importance of a properly working chimney, which is why we can assist you with a wide range of chimney repairs you may need. We are capable of repairing any part of your chimney so that it remains safe for use.

Here are the chimney parts we can repair for you:

  • Brick and mortar joints
  • Chimney flashing
  • Chimney cap
  • Crown
  • Flue
  • Liner
  • Smoke box
  • Smoke shelf
  • Damper
  • Firebox
  • Hearth

What is a Chimney Liner?

Out of all the chimney parts listed above, the chimney liner is the most critical to the safe operation of your chimney. The liner is located in the flue, the vertical shaft that makes up a majority of the chimney. Typically made of metal or clay tiles, the liner adheres to the flue walls to propel smoke up to the top of the chimney and prevent combustible materials from getting damaged.

The Importance of a Chimney Liner

The liner is an essential component in your chimney because it protects materials from the toxic corrosion of the smoke, and it helps smoke move out of the chimney faster. The lack of a liner will cause a significant amount of erosion on your flue walls, which can become so extensive it reaches combustible materials. Subsequently, smoke fills your home through the chimney, and materials catch on fire. At the same time, your flue acts as a smooth surface for smoke to exit faster than what a brick surface would allow.

Prevent Chimney Repairs

On average, chimney liners last between 15 to 20 years, no matter what type of material you choose. Clay and metal are both great options because they last a great amount of time. However, failure to care for your chimney will result in necessary chimney repairs. Creosote buildup will corrode the chimney liner at a faster rate requiring a replacement sooner rather than later. The corrosion may also cause materials underneath to degrade, so it’s important to receive a chimney inspection annually.

Brick and Mortar Repairs

One of the most common chimney repairs we perform is associated with the brick and mortar joints on the home’s exterior. Moisture is extremely detrimental to a chimney’s health. Brick and mortar can wear away much easier when exposed to moisture. If water gets into the chimney, it can wreak havoc on the liner, along with other parts of the chimney. To prevent moisture from entering your chimney, ensure the chimney crown and cap are well maintained.

Signs of Needing Chimney Repairs

If you are unsure of needing a chimney repair, there are certain signs you can look for when operation your chimney or while on the roof. Be careful while on the roof and not climb up if it is wet or windy. Some of the signs to look for may be able to be spotted from the ground. Alternatively, you can always give All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning a call for a professional chimney inspection. We’ll identify any problems you may have and provide the chimney repairs as necessary.

Here are the most common signs of needing chimney repairs:

  • Efflorescence (white staining)
  • Rust in the firebox or on the damper
  • Damaged or missing mortar joints
  • Damaged or missing bricks
  • Chimney liner tiles collecting in the firebox (shaling)
  • Crown damage such as cracks or crumbling mortar

Common Types of Chimney Repairs

Our team performs some chimney repairs more than others. This is due to certain areas of the chimney be affected more than others. For example, the exterior portions of the chimney often see the elements, so they are likely to degrade faster than other parts of the chimney. The same goes with your flue or firebox. These parts of your chimney are working more often than other parts, so they can likely accumulate repairs.

All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning performs the following chimney repairs the most:

  • Masonry damage
  • Water leaks
  • Flue liner cracks
  • Faulty damper
  • Damaged or missing chimney cap
How much does it cost to get a chimney repaired?

The cost of a chimney repair will come down to the type of repair we perform. According to HomeAdvisor, the average costs of repairing a chimney range from $160 to $750. To get an accurate estimate for your chimney repair, give our team a call.

How much does it cost to install a chimney liner?

Determining the cost to install a chimney liner will vary on the material you choose and the size of your chimney. HomeAdvisor reports that the average cost ranges from $625 to $7,000. To get an accurate estimate on your chimney liner installation, give our team a call today.

Do I need a chimney liner for a gas fireplace

While gas fireplaces do not produce smoke, they do let off acidic gasses that can degrade the chimney’s masonry. For that reason, we recommend you have a chimney liner installed in your gas chimney.

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