Chimney Services

Chimney services in houston

You may not directly tie your chimney to the quality of your indoor air, but it certainly has an impact. Not only that, it has an impact on the safety of your home. Neglecting to care for your chimney can result in chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or structural damage. These issues should not be overlooked as they can hurt other parts of your property or even your family. Our chimney services are designed to maintain your health and safety throughout the year. From chimney sweeping to regular inspections, these are all of the services you need to keep your chimney running correctly. 

Chimney Sweeping

Remove soot, ash, and creosote from your chimney’s system.

Chimney Repairs

Prolong the life of your chimney by making repairs when needed.

Chimney Inspection

Ensure your chimney is structurally sound and in working condition.

Frequency of Chimney Inspections and Sweeps

When it comes to chimney inspections, they should be performed annually, no matter how frequently you use the fireplace. A chimney inspection has two goals: determine the state of structural integrity and identify any potential problems with the chimney parts. Even if you don’t use the chimney, the structural integrity must be verified for future homeowners. Chimneys are susceptible to water damage, which can have extreme effects on their health.

As for chimney sweeps, the frequency is more complicated. Wood-burning fireplaces require annual cleanings if used on a regular basis. Not all gas fireplaces have chimneys, but those that do still need to be cleaned from time to time. It is important to speak to our professionals about how often you should clean your chimney based on the frequency of your usage. That way, you can save on costs and keep your home safe.

Chimney Services in Houston Texas

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