Many people forget to call up a contractor for Humble dryer vent cleaning services when conducting annual maintenance. This mistake can end up being an expensive one and become a safety hazard.

Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring Humble dryer vent cleaning services.

1. Eliminating Hazards

One of the most important reasons you should opt for a Humble dryer vent cleaning company is to eliminate fire hazards. Dryers get pretty hot while running and even more if they are clogged.

Combined with the heat, the trapped lint in the dryer can be a fire hazard. According to the US Fire Administration, dryers cause 2,900 fires every year, resulting in 5 deaths and 100 injuries. Of these, 34% of dryer fires are the result of a lack of dryer maintenance.

Additionally, fumes from the dryer vent may end up in your home. Clogged vents prevent fumes from escaping, and the back pressure causes carbon monoxide to build up inside your house. This is for gas dryers only, of course.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious damage to your body and can even be fatal. To keep yourself and your family safe, ensure that you avail Humble dryer vent cleaning services at least once a year.

The dryer vent can also cause mold growth. Dryer vents release moisture and pump out hot air, which provides suitable conditions that promote mold growth.

2. Savings

We have learned that the more clogged your dryer vent is, the greater your power consumption and utility bills will be. A choked duct will decrease your dryer’s operational efficiency, leading to more cycles to dry out your clothes.

Constantly running your dryer or repeating cycles greatly increases the power bill and the risk of fires due to heat generation. Opting for a Humble dryer vent cleaning service can reduce the amount of power and saves you time by reducing the number of cycles you need to run.

Additionally, a clean dryer will generate lesser heat. If there’s one thing all electronics hate, it is heated because it increases wear on the components. Increased wear means you need to conduct repairs more frequently and replace expensive parts.

With the added wear, your dryer’s components last for fewer years, and you might have to replace the appliance sooner.

Humble Dryer Vent Cleaning brush

3. It’s a Part of Basic Maintenance

Everything needs maintenance, and contacting Humble dryer vent cleaning service providers is the need for your dryer. Skipping maintenance can have detrimental consequences, as discussed above; however, it’s never too late to get back on track.

Here are some signs that indicate you need to clean out your dryer vent:

a. Your Dryer Runs Hot

The body of the appliance will get hot if it cannot exhaust the warm air it produces. This heat can translate to your laundry room heating up and your clothes being warmer than usual.

b. Burning Smell

A dead giveaway that you need to call a Humble dryer vent cleaning service is when you smell something burning when your dryer runs. You should immediately switch off the appliance and wait for professionals to determine the root cause of the problem.

c. A Service is Due

You need a professional cleaning service if you haven’t cleaned your dryer in a year or longer. Get it done before it’s too late!

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