A highly functional HVAC system in Houston is absolutely essential to survive the hot and humid climate. Even beyond the summer months, the heat and humidity can get so extreme that all you want to do when you get home is sit down and let your HVAC system do its job to cool you down. A successful HVAC system relies on many parts working together to keep your home cool in hot weather and warm when it’s freezing. 

One small but important part of every HVAC system is the air vent. This component is the gateway to the air duct system in your home, so keeping the air vent clean is absolutely vital. Naturally, this leads to the question, “How often should I get air vent cleaning in Houston?” 

The Role Of Air Vents In Your HVAC System 

You will only be able to reap the maximum benefits of your HVAC system with the proper maintenance practices. Before diving into those practices and finding the answer to, “How often should I get air vent cleaning in Houston?” let’s take some time to thoroughly understand the role of vents in your whole HVAC system. 

As explained earlier, the air vents are the gateway to the air ducts. More specifically, they are the grilles you see in the walls through which air travels from the ducts to the rest of your home. Also called return vents, this part tends to be close to the floor, making it very likely to collect dust and other particles over time. Because you don’t want this debris to travel through your HVAC system, ensuring that these air vents remain clean is essential. 

How Often Should I Get Air Vent Cleaning In Houston? 

Now that you know what role air vents play in allowing your HVAC system to function properly and the importance of keeping them clean, you’re ready to learn the answer to, “How often should I get air vent cleaning in Houston?” 

Visible Mold And/Or Mildew Growth 

According to the EPA, air ducts should only be cleaned when absolutely necessary. One such situation is visible mold and/or mildew growth. Moisture and water buildup will create the ideal conditions for mold and/or mildew to thrive. Even if you have a slight hunch or suspicion of either growth appearing in proximity to the air vents, test it and call an HVAC technician to help you remove the mold or mildew and clean your air vents. You can go the extra mile by checking your air vents for signs of moisture so you can prevent mold or mildew before it has the chance to appear. 

Excessive Buildup And Debris Coming Out Of The Vents

Another situation that warrants getting air vent cleaning in Houston is if excessive buildup and debris are coming out of the vents. While small traces of dust won’t be a serious threat to your health, allowing it to accumulate over time can potentially increase those risks. The moment you notice these stray particles dancing in the air, find time to clean up the grilles and air vents to prevent further debris buildup and keep your indoor air quality clean. 

For Seasonal Systems, Clean A Month Before They’re Back In Use 

If you have an HVAC system that functions on a seasonal basis, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your air ducts, vents included, a month before it’s back in use. The last thing you want when your HVAC system powers up again is to be assaulted by dust, debris, and other contaminants. Take the initiative by hiring a technician to thoroughly clean your HVAC system before it returns to work. 

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We hope you find these three answers to “How often should I get air vent cleaning in Houston?” satisfactory. As you have just read, air vents should be cleaned in specific circumstances only. Of course, now that your curiosity over “How often should I get air vent cleaning in Houston?” is sated, you’re probably wondering, “Which air duct cleaning service in Houston should I hire?” The answer to that question is All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning, right here in Houston, Texas. Contact us today for more information about our state-of-the-art air duct and HVAC cleaning and repair services.