Chimneys add an antique beauty that can change your home’s look. However, as great as they look, they break down at times. There are four things that you should always remember when getting a Houston chimney repair.

1. Choosing the Right Contractor

Never try to save too much money when you are looking for a Houston chimney repair. The process requires skills to execute to perfection. Any fallacies during repairs will cost you more money in the long run.

If you try to DIY a Houston chimney repair, there are high risks of injury to you during the process, plus there are chances that you may damage it. Your insurance won’t cover any leaks or damage caused due to improper repairs caused by a budget contractor or during DIY projects.

2. Don’t Forget the Importance of Maintenance

You should always be mindful of one rule, and that is sticking to a maintenance routine. Many people believe that it’s alright to skip maintenance because they don’t use their chimneys often in Houston.

Chimney repairs are merely half of the story. After installing a chimney, you need to ensure that you contact a professional chimney sweep to clean it out to reduce the risk of fires. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends chimney sweeps every year.

Frequent cleaning reduces the risk of chimney fires from creosote buildup. When burnt, this substance releases toxins harmful to the human body and increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Prolonged exposure to creosote can also lead to cancer.

After your contractor completes your Houston chimney repair, ensure to set up a maintenance schedule with them to conduct annual chimney sweeps. Ideally, you should get a chimney sweep done every spring so that you have enough time to make repairs before the winters come.

Apart from professional chimney inspections, ensure you conduct frequent visual inspections to check for damage. Call us up immediately if you see any damage or increased wear.

Houston Chimney Repair of the Cap

3. Repair it on Time

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is skipping or delaying chimney repairs in Houston. Chimney repairs must be properly done by the fluctuating weather in Houston, coupled with rain, which can cause more frequent damage.

Conducting timely repairs prevents preventable damage from spreading and becoming extensive.

Some signs indicating that you need chimney repairs are:

  • dented flashing
  • staining
  • crack crown
  • paint and wallpaper damage indoors
  • dented flushing

Several factors can damage your chimney. Whether it is due to age or storms, your contractor will tell you when you need repairs during annual chimney sweeps.

Why are Chimney Repairs Important?

Chimney repairs are crucial to your home’s structural integrity. Leaks are some of the most common symptoms of damaged chimneys. A leaking chimney can cost you a significant sum of money to repair the damages it causes to your property.

The other situation is that a poorly maintained chimney can collapse and damage life and property damage. Typically, insurance doesn’t cover any damages caused by the owner’s negligence, so if you have damage, you should repair it at the earliest for your insurance to remain valid.

One of the most dreaded outcomes of poor chimney maintenance is house fires. This one is self-explanatory and can be avoided with proper maintenance.

4. Replace Your Chimney When Needed

Two situations warrant a chimney replacement. The first is that your chimney is old and has weakened due to age, and you should replace it to reduce the risk of hazards.

In the second case, your chimney might have experienced extensive damage due to an impact or storms, which can make your house dangerous to live in.

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