Everyone knows that having good indoor air quality is vital for a habitable home. You want to be able to breathe easily at the end of every day. That same principle applies to commercial properties. When working, you want to be able to inhale clean air and be in a space where the air is the right level of cool or warm, depending on the season. For this reason, commercial air vent cleaning in Houston is equally important as residential air vent cleaning. 

A Guide To Commercial Air Vent Cleaning In Houston

Becoming acquainted with commercial air vent cleaning in Houston will allow you to know how to maintain your commercial HVAC system. Reading this blog will also inform you of when to call a professional service for commercial air vent cleaning in Houston. Additionally, you will also learn the benefits of reaching out to a professional for this task, thanks to this guide. 

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3 Types Of Commercial Air Vents

Start your exploration of commercial air vent cleaning in Houston by getting to know the three different types of air vents found in commercial establishments: 

1. T-Bar Grilles And Diffusers 

For T-Bar installations, you will find T-Bar grilles and diffusers. The grilles are for return air, while the diffusers deliver filtered air throughout a building. They are usually found in office buildings or apartment complexes. 

2. Spiral Pipe Grilles

Bars and restaurants are the primary home for spiral pipe grille air vents. Aside from being compatible with spiral pipe duct systems, the exposed ductwork is considered trendy in some places. 

3. Heavy-Duty Air Grilles

Finally, commercial establishments that use powerful HVAC systems rely on heavy-duty air grilles to distribute filtered air. These tend to be particularly huge and are most commonly installed on walls. 

When To Seek Commercial Air Vent Cleaning In Houston 

Now that you’re familiar with the kinds of air vents used in commercial properties, you want to know when to seek commercial air vent cleaning in Houston. It’s important to note that commercial buildings tend to be filled with more pollutants than residential ones, so ensuring your commercial HVAC system as a whole is in shape is vital. The first sign that your commercial air vents need cleaning is if employees and customers start complaining about allergies or irritation. If the vents have visible dirt and debris covering them, they should be cleaned immediately. Failing to clean air vents and ducts can lead to ill employees, foul odors, poor air quality, and even create a potential fire hazard

Why Call Professional Commercial Air Vent Cleaning In Houston?

While you may understand the importance of clean commercial air vents, you might be wondering why you should call a professional to handle them. For starters, you will be able to easily focus on what you need to get done by saving time and leaving your vents in professional hands. Additionally, an HVAC technician will be better equipped to handle severe buildup and will go over ways to maintain your HVAC system so you can ensure your air vents remain clean. 

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Taking advantage of commercial air vent cleaning in Houston will make a difference in your workplace’s cleanliness as well as employee satisfaction. Of course, the next step is to figure out which HVAC service provider you can trust to thoroughly clean your commercial air vents. Luckily, you have access to the best technicians at All Day Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston. We use the best equipment on the market to ensure your commercial HVAC system is in excellent condition. Contact us today, and we will restore clean air to your workplace as soon as possible.