In a humid city like Houston, having clean air vents is important. You want to return to a place with quality indoor air after spending time in the heat and humidity. After all, few things can match the nice feeling of fresh, cool air surrounding you, eliminating the groggy feeling you get from spending time in Houston’s summer air. However, this feeling can only be possible with clean air vents. 

Professionals recommend air vent cleaning when debris buildup is visibly excessive, or if there’s a serious mold infestation. While there are times when air vents can easily be cleaned yourself, some situations require professional cleaning. Before seeking those services, however, it’s important to be aware of air vent cleaning costs in Houston. 

Air Vent Cleaning Costs In Houston: 4 Factors

Knowing about air vent cleaning costs in Houston will allow you to invest in this service wisely. Additionally, being aware of those costs can also remind you of the importance of keeping your HVAC system in excellent condition. The following factors affect air vent cleaning costs in Houston: 

1. Air Duct Inspection 

Before having your air vents cleaned, you might be interested in having your air ducts inspected to see if you need additional services. Most inspections are usually completed with a video camera and cost $75-$125. That said, these costs might sometimes be included with cleaning services regardless. 

2. Number Of Air Vents 

The number of vents in your home will also impact air vent cleaning costs in Houston. Places with a minimum of eight vents, for example, will cost at least $200 and, at most, $450 to clean. A price range of $300-$650 is common for properties with twelve air vents. $400-$875 is considered normal for places with sixteen vents, and finally, properties with twenty vents typically cost $500-$1,100 to clean. 

3. Labor

Another factor affecting air vent cleaning costs in Houston is labor. Full services for vents and ducts are charged on an hourly basis. However, contributing factors like the ones described above, can also determine the final cost. The hourly rate for air vent cleaning costs in Houston is typically $90-$125. For this reason, you want to make sure you have properly accounted for the time it takes to clean the vents when setting aside a budget. 

4. Location

The location also impacts the cost of air vent cleaning services. In fact, Texas has the widest variance in cost. Cleaning air duct systems as a whole, when small, can cost $263, while large ones can be expensive to clean at $712. 

air vent cleaning costs in houston location

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As explained throughout this blog, though, air vent cleaning costs in Houston are affected by more than just location. Whether you get your air ducts inspected, the number of vents, and the required labor and time will play huge roles in determining the total cost. The extent to which your air vents need to be cleaned will also be a contributing factor. If you find that you cannot clean your air vents yourself easily, you should seek out a professional HVAC service provider as soon as possible. 

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